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Appointment with Loh Eben Ong LLP is a dedicated booking site for Loh Eben Ong LLP and, Singapore Lawyers, Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths. Please click here for our Location (Google Map).

If you have submitted your Online applications (eg. Deed Poll, Wills) or have decided to engage Loh Eben Ong LLP, you may use our Online Appointment System to schedule an appointment.

Upon booking (wef 12 July 2021), our system will create a User account, which will permit you to view and manage your appointments, such as to cancel and to reschedule. For your User’s credentials, please check your email. If you need assistance with regards to your appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For PDPA purposes, you are able to delete your User account from this site at any time.

To access our Client’s Booking Management page, please visit Client’s Bookings page, and click this link if you wish to Logout of this site.

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